One Halloween Night

One night on Halloween before the sun went down, I was in a laboratory with my friends with my friends, Aubrey, Olivia, Mykey, and Lexi and my other friend Andee; got turned into a witch last night by who knows! The thief also stole her most prized possession! So now she’s an evil witch and we can’t even talk to her! She’s also pounding on the door. “Now were stuck in the laboratory forever,” I thought aloud. Lexi stated that it had to be one of us of Andee’s parents, since the doors were locked and we slept over with her. We all wondered why Andee couldn’t just use a spell to get in because she is a which. Suddenly, Mykey yelled, “WE can just make a spell to turn her back into a human!” “But we don’t know how to make a spell.” Aubrey told her. “How about we interview her parents if we ever get out!” declared Olivia. “I know! We can use a chain saw and start to cut a hole in the wall like a door and when Andee hears it she will run towards it and we will sneak out the real door. Ready? Set? Gooooooo!” Aubrey commanned. So that was not right! We couldn’t turn on the chain saw, and when we did…we cut straight though the wall and sliced up Andee’s which hat! We raced though the real door until we reached her house! Her parents were startled and wondered why we were here. We told them that “Somebody stole her trophy for 1st place track and turned her into a which!” That’s when Andee’s dad ran into the bathroom. We now know it’s him He came out as a zombie! Wait no! Somebody else did! It looked like a robo-zombie! This is so confusing! “This robot was hiding in the shower and it’s not my fault! He stole the biggest trophy to make his costume. He told me! I couldn’t tell my wife or Andee and now Andee’s an evil which!” Her dad confessed. “Knock! Knock!” It was Andee! “I made a human potion in advance!” He opened the door…Andee was holding a chain saw! Her dad poured the potion on her and…POOF! The chain saw flew across the room and sliced the zombie an half and turned into a trophy again! And all was well! The End!!!

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