9/11 Reflection

9/11 is a day that everyone remembers. Even people that were not in America when it happened were still effected. In Gander, Canada, people had to stop flights for 3-5 days and the townspeople took care of them. “The Come From Away’s”, visitors didn’t want to leave. Also, the other events are important t00.

Pumpkin Patch

The gaint, orange pumpkin are at the grand pumpkin patch. Fat pumpkins, small pumpkins, red pumpkins, too. The pumpkins are by the great big barn with widows and doors. Also, the green trees of many sizes. It looks like a nice friendly place! The pumpkin patch is cool in Autumn.  

Life in Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is very different than fourth grade. But in a good way. We have more freedom and responsibility. I also have five classes and two of them are math this year. I made a new friend and I have nice classmates. In fifth grade we blog more and still have Fun Friday Clubs. We Read More…

Back 2 School!

I like going school shopping and meet the teacher. But first day of school beats all of that! I like learning new things and making new friends, most of all. I look  forward to school also because you get to learn different ways to do stuff and get more freedom as you move up in Read More…

Personal Narrative to Wisconsin

Have you ever been up North before? It’s cold up there, but it’s still really fun! Suddenly “VROOM! VROOM!” My dad started the car. “Load up the rest then hop in the truck, we’re about to leave!” My mom screamed. We all piled in and my dad backed out of the driveway. Every  year my Read More…


Dear Second Graders, You should always listen to the teacher & follow her derection. Be nice & help your friends. Don’t cheat on tests & be throughful. THIRD GRADE IS NOT SCARY!!!